Revecen Rose Bubble Cleansing 150ml


A recommended cleanser that removes ultra-fine dust and makeup waste accumulated in pores, sebum, and dead skin cells.

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  • Ultra fine dust cleaning – deep-cleansing even ultra-fine dust deep in pores.
  • Contains Provence rose water – rose water with excellent moisturizing power fills the skin with moisture.
  • Non-irritating skin cleansing – softly soothes the skin before and after cleansing with a soft foaming face wash.
  • Rich bubble formula – the dense and rich bubble formula removes waste products deep in the pores.
  • 365 days of skin care cleansing.

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A good cleanser that cleans away ultra-fine dust and makeup waste!
Rich and dense bubble particles penetrate deep into the skin pores and absorb ultra-fine dust and wastes, which are washed away together with the face wash.
Point.01How does Revecen Rose Bubble Cleansing clean the pores?
Step.01 Absorbs wastes accumulated in pores, sebum, and dead skin cells.
Step.02 Deep cleansing in pores with soft and rich fine bubbles.
Step.03 After cleaning pores, supply moisture to make moist skin.
Point.02 Is it okay for sensitive skin that many people are worried about and wonder about?
It has been recognized as a non-irritating product in the skin irritation test of a professional institution for human application testing, so anyone, regardless of age, can cleanse gently and without irritation. Clean with peace of mind with mild and rich foam!
Point.03 What other ingredients are in other than Provence Rose Water?
In addition to Provence Rose Flower Water, which is the main ingredient that replenishes skin moisture, it is composed of natural extracts that help skin condition elasticity, and whitening, making the skin smooth and moist even after washing.
  • King tangerine seed extract (skin conditioning)
  • Calamus root extract (skin conditioning)
  • Perilla leaf extract (skin elasticity)
  • Magnolia bark extract (moisturizing the skin)
  • White willow bark extract (skin soothing)
  • Green tea extract (whitening skin soothing)
  • King tangerine extract (skin conditioning)
  • Propolis extract (skin conditioning)
  • Matricaria flower/leaf extract (skin soothing)
  • Nahanbaek branch extract (skin conditioning)
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract (skin conditioning)
  • Broccoli extract (skin whitening)
  • Asia palm fruit extract (skin conditioning)
  • Beach Strawberry extract (skin conditioning)
  • Vitamin tree fruit extract (skin whitening)
  • Black Mulberry extract (skin conditioning)
  • Raspberry extract (skin conditioning)
  • Low-Sweet Blueberry extract (skin conditioning)
  • Goji berry extract (skin elasticity)
  • Cranberry Extract (prevents skin aging)
How to use it?
1. Lightly wash your face with lukewarm water.
2. Pump 2-3 times of foam on your hands and rub gently as if massaging.
3. Rinse everything off with lukewarm water without any residual foam.
Use the 60 seconds cleansing method.
1. Put an appropriate amount of content in your hand.
2. Wash your face from top to bottom.
(For color makeup, first, cleanse with a dedicated cleanser. If you don’t have makeup on, you can wash your face with foam.)
3. Gently roll the hairline, forehead, nose bridge, temple, cheeks, and chin for 60 seconds to cleanse.
4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
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Additional information

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