BEAUTY LAB WHITENING has the first systematic,
effective and specialized whitening program in the world.

Our specialized whitening program contains whitening treatment,
R-630 collagen light, dead skin cells management and homecare.
By enjoying these 4 steps altogether, you will experience authentic whitening.

Today, skin is being recognized as a standard of value and symbol of wealth. Whitening is the most preferred treatment in skin care field. Especially
in Southeast Asia, whitening is an absolute standard for beauty.
BEAUTY LAB WHITENING is the sole, special brand that realizes skin whitening.

We provide aggregated solution which includes machine with treatment solution. You will get better skin trough our continuous management.

This program makes tightening and whitening effect at the same time, so you will show beautiful skin.

We make all efforts to make better product and we regard customer's satisfaction as first priority.


The red bar in the logo, means red light which is 630nm one wavelength in BEAUTY LAB WHITENING.

SU, means Knowledge in ancient French.
AVIS, means view in French.
SUAVISS, is a beauty brand that keep making right decisions according to the beauty knowledge.

BEAUTY LAB WHITENING is a lab realizes your dream of whitening. We take into account of penetrating effect,
cell activation, cell regeneration and exfoliation. We do research and make all efforts to get better results.

BEAUTY LAB WHITENING skin care products are made of 95% of natural ingredients and 5% of functional ingredients. Also, those products minimize side effects. We designed solutions which can maximize needed effects.
There are no pigments, artificial fragrances, and other artificial additives in solutions. So, you make effects not only in short-term, but also make healthful skin for rest of your life. We SUAVISS, make sure to manage each customers more beautiful and healthful.


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